New in Singularity version 2.4 you can use the instance command group to run instances of containers in the background. This is useful for running services like databases and web servers. The instance.stop command lets you stop instances once you are finished using them


After initiating one or more named instances to run in the background with the instance.start command you can stop them with the instance.stop command.


These examples use a container from Singularity Hub, but you can use local containers or containers from Docker Hub as well. For a more detailed look at instance usage see Running Instances.

Start a few named instances from containers on Singularity Hub

$ singularity instance.start shub://GodloveD/lolcow cow1
$ singularity instance.start shub://GodloveD/lolcow cow2
$ singularity instance.start shub://vsoch/hello-world hiya

Stop a single instance

$ singularity instance.stop cow1
Stopping cow1 instance of /home/ubuntu/GodloveD-lolcow-master.img (PID=20522)

Stop all running instances

$ singularity instance.stop --all
Stopping cow2 instance of /home/ubuntu/GodloveD-lolcow-master.img (PID=20558)
Stopping hiya instance of /home/ubuntu/vsoch-hello-world-master.img (PID=20595)